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We have managed Top 40 acts, and are seeking further acts, producers and songwriters from the UK and overseas to represent.
Overseas Licensing
We deal with labels around the world and can handle your foreign licensing for you.

Our licensed tracks have appeared on major labels around the globe.
Music Publishing
Our first copyright has now been recorded over 100 times and in six different languages.

We have supplied hit songs to many top recording artistes. If you are a writer work with a publisher that works for you !

We have sub-publishing affiliations with firms around the world, ensuring that your songs receive maximum exposure / promotion.
Record Production
From concept to release - we can handle it all. Ask our advice at the outset - and get it right first time.

We can organise your pressings / sleeves at very competitive prices, and arrange distribution of your finished product, plus arrange full marketing and promotion.

 We are involved in all aspects of the music, record and entertainment business .........

The Dubliners - "Fiddlers Green" ("Live at Vicar Street" CD / DVD)

"Fiddlers Green" (one of our copyrights) was first issued on their album "Plain & Simple" (Polydor) in 1973, and has now featured on no less than nine different Dubliners albums, including their huge selling "Live at Vicar Street" and "Greatest Hits" CD / DVD packages.

The Oxford University Press, in one of its publications, claims that this song is now so popular in Ireland that it has been sung in every pub in the land (We're not entirely sure where they get this statistic from !)

The track has had over 1.75 million plays on YouTube, to attest to its continued popularity. What is certain is that an unrecorded song - aimed at a relatively small folk market - has become a huge success for its genre worldwide. Let TMC International and its subsidiaries, handle all your music publishing.

Wee Phillie VS DJ Gotti - "Bang On The Drum" -

The track was hugely popular in Spain and Portugal, and in the holiday clubs of Majorca (esp BCM). It was featured in a Vodaphone advert, and featured on compilations (see left).

We were involved with this project from inception through to release, managing the producer, promoting the project, getting it signed - and we even produced the video !!

It is a classic example of us being involved right through a project and seeing it come to fruition. If you have a forthcoming release - get in touch with us now !

For your next project why not get TMC International on board and see that it achieves the success it surely deserves?


The Conway Sisters - "You Raise Me Up" (from The X Factor) - - -
3 Top 10 singles before they had even appeared on the show !

We were advising and guiding The Conways Sisters long before they appeared on The X Factor. They had 3 Top 10 singles in their native Ireland, supported Westlife, and we had them played on BBC Radio Two - all long before they appeared on the show.

The girls finished third on the TV show - making front page headlines in the national newspapers - and toured the UK Arenas on The X Factor Tour

After they appeared on the show we got a deal for their album in the UK (with GUT Records) and were in advanced talks with Atlantic Records in New York (at Vice President level) - but the girls decided to return home.

For your next project why not get TMC International on board and see it achieve the success that it really deserves?

        There is no shortcut to success - but you can lessen the odds by having a successful team on your side !

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