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   Holme Hall Unite Community Group

 Holme Hall Unite has been established for over six years now - helping to build a much stronger community for local people via our Community Hub, the community group and our Next Door message board.

There will be so much happening during this Platinum Jubilee Year that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


Ideas for how we celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in a different way are coming along nicely. If you have any original thoughts or ideas for a unique kind of celebration then please get in touch with us.

Its an event the like of which most of us will never see again, so we really ought to make it very special and different. We now think that we've come up with the perfect solution!

   We are based at our Community Hub, and host all kinds of meetings and events there.

If there are any other activities that you would like to see, then please get in touch with us, as we many be able to facilitate them for you.


 What we offer our community ...

Day Trips & Excursions

We have run day excursions - and often discounted - for several years now to a range of cities and coastal destinations.

Some of our other excursions include - Yorkshire Dales / Liverpool / Lincoln / York / Newark / Whitby / Lichfield / Hull / Bridlington / Scarborough / Beamish / York races and Blackpool etc, as well as many other places too.

Our Lunch Club

We have regular meals out - usually its a nice pub lunch with a friendly small group of people.

Come and join us for a lovely meal out with some very good company.
Social Events and Get Togethers

We've run everything at our Community Hub from coffee mornings to games afternoons right through to our Knit & Natter groups and Social afternoons.
Our Christmas events are well known for bringing the people together - from our Christmas Party to the support that we supply on Christmas Day for those who are lonely and isolated.


We've even recently started an outdoor gym - and we will be running health and fitness classes from the Autumn.
Fresh and Surplus Food Distribution

We receive surplus food from the major supermarkets and distribute this to the elderly and vulnerable in our area.

We received food offers from 2 different chains during the recent holiday period.

We also get fresh food donated from the local allotment group.

 We are involved in all aspects of our local community and offer advice and support, as well as training opportunities and health and well-being benefits

Welcome to our website. You can email us here. As well as the Community group, we also manage the Community Hub, a garden and a new outdoor gym.

Iceland is to launch a new 10% off discount for shoppers on Tuesday who are over 60
as soaring prices have hit budgets. The chain said it would offer the discount to support its older customers through the cost of living crisis.

Iceland's new discount will be launched from 24 May, with anyone aged 60 or over able to use it every Tuesday in-store at branches of Iceland. Shoppers will need to show proof of age, such as a driving licence or senior bus or rail pass, and the discount will cover all products, with no minimum spend. Iceland said it was the first UK supermarket to introduce such a discount and decided to do so after research found three-quarters of older people in the UK were worried about the rising cost of living.

where Holme Hall Unite members keep up to date with everything that is going on
and quite a lot IS going on! - the Summer plans look great - yet ANOTHER good day out - what will YOU BE MISSING OUT ON next?

Well - we are having a rest, for a start ! It HAS BEEN one of those weeks ... all good though ! We do have a short trip to make to finalise one of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee events but that should be fairly leisurely.

We are now quietly confident that our celebrations will be very well received, and are so looking forward to them. Even people who aren't royalists must be able to see that a 70th anniversary is something that most of us will never see again.

With a four day Bank holiday we can push the boat out in so many ways. It will be something that all of our members will remember for a long time, so much so that we are calling it 'The Big One' - even the weather looks good. We have been planning this for months now, and our members should reap the benefits of the support that they have given us over the last seven years. The places are now all booked, and all that our members will have to do is take part - and to enjoy themselves. Whatever your plans are, not just for this weekend but for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee holiday too, we do hope that you too will have a good time - get out and about, and enjoy the company of your good friends and neighbours.

It was a very busy day again at the Hub on Tuesday - made slightly more hectic as we had some workmen in. We've noticed too that the balance of attendees is more even now, with more men coming along and taking part. This will help to broaden the appeal of the subjects discussed and the issues raised. We do what we can to help. Its nice that those who support us will also be supported during these difficult times. As with everything in life ... You can only get out what you are prepared to put in.

A good steady turnout at the advice clinic which was held on Monday the shops area car park. Hopefully some people will have learnt a few things to help them as things start getting tighter over the next few months.

The temperature leapt to around 22c on Tuesday but it will be back below 20c again by Friday (which again is looking rather wet in the afternoon) and also over the next weekend. Thursday looks pleasantly dry and warm (20/21c) though.

We will be contacting all of our members shortly - about our outline plans for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - and we ask that members please keep the advance information to themselves for now, as we want to maintain the surprise for as long as possible. This will be the final week for people to put their names down anyway, as all the arrangements have been made and numbers booked. As usual, not everything will happen on the day itself - which allows people to watch national events and celebrate locally as well.

Look out for the Month of Community coming along soon too. There will be lots of activities and other events which will help to bring the whole community together. Get in touch for details of how you can be involved, and make your community a stronger and safer place for all. We will be rewarding all our volunteers too.

Two of the volunteers at the Hub are now working for the telephone befriending service, another is working at a charity shop, while others are involved with the surplus food distribution etc. With a much increased workload - especially over the Summer months - we could do so much more with extra volunteers. If you have time to spare and want to get involved, then please get it touch. You will find it very worthwhile and rewarding.

It was time for another Dancing for Health class again on Monday. First introduced by Holme Hall Unite way back in 2019 - it made a welcome return recently with 25 people attending. These dance classes are held in the ballroom at the Winding Wheel . Itís a 10 week course at just £3 per session Ė every Monday ... from 11am -1pm. Itís partner dancing Ė but you donít need to bring your own Ė one will be provided! (of course you can if you want to). Get in touch with us for more details ..... what better way can there be than having a bit of fun while also keeping fit.

everything is coming together now for a great summer for Holme Hall Unite members

The weather for the Queen's Jubilee is looking very good - in fact we are predicting a fabulous summer with some lovely weather for the months of June, July and August. Nothing too excessive - just good solid warm weather. Water shortages could well be a problem.

We may change the days / times of some of our meetings over the Summer months to fit in with other things that are happening, but will give plenty of notice if we do.

There was another Lunch Club meeting last week - and we had a new venue too, which was really enjoyable - we will return. Maybe, with the weather starting to turn good we'll have another picnic at our community garden soon? Much nicer than being indoors in good weather Whenever we are there we always see welcoming people - it is such a nice way to meet and chat to your neighbours, making the community much stronger .... is anyone up for some fish & chips at our garden?

One of the people on Holme Hall Unite's last trip to Whitby enjoyed it so much (they had never been there before) that they have just returned from a four day break there. Its also good to see some friendships really developing well at the Hub - with people now meeting-up separately (as well as at the Hub) and having days out and meals together. Its really good to see the community start gelling together so well, and also helping to support each other so much.

we've had very good days out in both Manchester and Leicester

Think you know the Peak District? - you have never seen it at its best until you have travelled by rail - passing through some deserted valleys and majestic peaks unincumbered by roads, traffic and buildings. With various 'stopping off points' along the route its easy to get to the heart of the area withough getting bogged-down in the traffic.

We had a few hours shopping time in Manchester before the return journey (to beat the commuter rush) getting back into Chesterfield at 5pm.

The recent visit to Leicester - where we visited the car park grave site where King Richard III's body was found (as well as the burial site in the cathedral) - has reignited interest in our local history group, and further visits to historical sites will follow over the coming Summer months.

The rail outings are a bonus that came along at the right time ..... The next outing will be along soon - and then we will reveal our Spring Bank holiday schedule - which will include a very special Big Lunch (which was first introduced to this area by Holme Hall Unite more than 6 years ago) for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Our excursion to Leicester proved to be a great success. Its a very cosmopolitan multi-cultural city and has everything - from the National Space Centre to the burial site of King Richard III, plus a medieval ancient quarter, one of the largest markets in the country and the fabulous Haymarket shopping centre. Click here to get a view of 2000 years of history - with something for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

This was the first of several rail special offers for our members - travel in comfort and style, enjoying a coffee or reading the paper, as we are whisked to our destination. And ALL for just a FIVER !

As we have always said - Join In - or Miss Out If you have any ideas for future destinations then please get in touch.

Roll Out of the next Covid-19 Spring Booster jab has now started across England
and some of our members have already had their boosters to give them even better protection over the next few months.

Get in touch for more details and we'll invite you to come along to one of our meetings so that you can try it all out for yourself. There is always something interesting going on, and you'll meet people of all age groups too. Join in with the Knit & Natter, browse through our DVD and Book libraries) or just chat and make some new friends.

We've got the first jigsaws - to start off our swap library - now and many others have been promised. Its all down to you to make the first move. Remember too that Refreshments are always provided FREE . Easter was just the start of Holme Hall Unite's great Summer season. Get in touch if you want to know more - but better still come along to one of our group sessions and try things out for yourself.

There is no doubt that this must be the warmest and friendliest group around - with all ages present - all supporting and looking out for each other. Many of our group also suffer from isolation and loneliness, so there is always a warm welcome. Its all FREE for our members too. You won't find that anywhere else.

"Thank you for today, we had a lovely time. Full of laughter and companionship"

If the local community want to keep the garden they have to "get on board" and help us to maintain it. Holme Hall Unite provided the garden - for the benefit of the local community - five years ago, but at that time we had little else on. We have been running the Hub for the last four years and we are also involved with several other organisations too - so, as you can see, there is very little spare time.

The garden deteriorated during the lockdowns and Covid - we were still winning RHS Awards up to and including 2020 (two in that year). With the new housing development about to start we would have thought people would value some green space, so its up to them to make the most of it. Get in touch for more details. There are only so many hours in a day. There are some real benefits to getting involved. You can read more about the garden project by clicking here. We are currently "over seeing" two other garden projects in Chesterfield, and are involved with the re-vamp of an existing garden (in the town centre) too.

I haven't even mentioned (on this board) 80% of the activities that we have been involved with over the past few weeks. We don't want everyone to know what we get up to, do we? There are only limited places for most things.

The Free Computer Tablets promotion will be back with us again for the third year running. This helps to keep our community connected, and also helps relieve the loneliness and isolation that the pandemic has brought. Good to see some new faces coming along too.

While others talk endlessly about what they will do (if pigs ever fly!) Holme Hall Unite got on with it and delivered yet again. And as always, everything was provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Its quite clear that Holme Hall Unite offers its members SO MUCH - far more than any other group. You should join in before its too late, as the capacity (at our Hub) can only accomodate a certain number of people. Our Lunch Club is a little more flexible as we use outside venues, so capacity is not so much of an issue. There are special interest groups as well as more general meet-ups, and as soon as the Spring arrives our day trips will be launched again for this year. Don't be isolated and on your own - when there is such a lot that you can take part in and enjoy. No matter what obstacles may be thrown at us during the coming months we are determined to ensure that all of our members have a very good time

Our Next Door message board (which we pioneered five years ago) now reaches over 5000 people locally with more than 1275 on our estate alone - and is now used by 27% of all local households to keep in touch. Being able to keep in contact with their family, friends and neighbours is vital for the isolated and vulnerable.

Our Community group was established in 2015, and within 10 weeks of constitution the group had planted 16,000 daffodils all around the estate. Our garden was added in 2017 before our Community Hub opened in the Spring of 2018. In that same year our Chair was named as the Estate Champion. We have won many Awards - including three consecutive RHS Awards for our garden. In the following year we were selected as the runners-up in the Organisation Of The Year category at the Voluntary Sector Awards too.

We even managed to keep the Hub open for most of the recent lockdown with surplus food deliveries and prescription collections etc - unlike many groups which closed (some of which may never re-open. We've also run a full schedule of day trips for our members during the year too. Everywhere else will either cost you more - or offers you much less - than we do. Don't hesitate to get in contact if you need any further information, simply click here.

If you have been a careful saver - with the Credit Union for example - then the impact of recent changes (energy price hikes / food price increases etc) won't be as severe. If you do need help - please refer to the Health and Well-being booklet which has been distributed widely - or collect a copy from the Hub.

"Wonderful to see what the Hub does. Gave my mum and I another perspective of how amazing people are"


We'd like to thank the many people who have stopped and thanked us for the work that is taking place - especially the new outdoor gym - over 50 people have signed up for info on the new classes there.

We work closely with other organisations - from the local and County Councils, to the NHS Public Health body. We were particularly busy during the recent pandemic - delivering hundreds of food parcels to the vulnerable, (read more on the Derbyshire County Council website - click here - and collecting prescriptions etc. We even distributed FREE computer tablets so the housebound could keep in contact with their friends and family.

We also host a Credit Union to encourage saving and financial management. Big changes will be coming to many households with some higher costs (average energy price hike of £139). Contact us for a factsheet - and see what help might be available before you find yourself in trouble.

Other people have moved into employment - and / or started a college course - after support and encouragement from the team at the Hub. We are yet again helping to fill the digital divide by offering FREE training courses for those not confident with their digital skills. In the past we have even given away FREE COMPUTER TABLETS. Get in touch for further information.

We have other training courses - from basic computer groups to full educational qualifications (in association with other establishments). We are also supportive of people who are homeless and those with alcohol and substance abuse issues, and can point them in the direction of help, as well as giving support locally too. We once managed to completely kit-out a flat for a homeless man within two weeks!

There is no doubt that there is far more than we could do, but like other groups we need some extra Volunteers to bring their skills along to enhance our future offering. If you can help, even for just a couple of hours, then please get in touch with us asap.

Want to know more? - then get in touch with us - just click here

Why be on your own, when there is such a friendly group that offers you so much? - the majority being FREE?       Come and join us before its too late.

 For All The Latest News ...

Simply Sign-Up to our mailing list - click the email link at the bottom of the page - put Mailing List in subject.

We have LOTS of major new plans for 2022, so we are really looking forward to this coming year.

What a mixed week this is going to be! Expect almost anything from the weather and you will be covered.

The Queen's Jubilee is just over two weeks away now. Let us know if you are planning something for this historic event, as we may be able to come along. A bit of extra publicity will help too, won't it?

Early indicators suggest that we are in for a very good summer. Not excessive temps but nice and warm. Water will be in short supply though.

We've block booked seats for the new Downton Abbey movie "A New Era" which had its premiere recently.

It looks like the government is about to rip-up the Protocol which brought peace to Northern Ireland, risking a trade war. It was quite obvious to all at the time of the Brexit disaster that the 'border down the Irish Sea' was unworkable but they ploughed on ahead regardless - desperate to say they 'got Brexit done. Now, the ramifications could be around for decades.

McDonalds is to pull out of Russia after almost 30 years due to the invasion.

Both Sweden and Finland confirm NATO bids - this will antagonise Russia even more.

Both are considering NATO membership in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Finland shares a lengthy land border with Russia and is only about 250 miles from St Petersburg.


Everything - from the total number of subsidised seats on our coach trips to the capacity at our Hub - has a ceiling. Are you missing out yet again?

The Mayor planted a tree in the Parish church (for the Jubilee) recently. The Peace Garden on Rose Hill is also getting a revamp.

The community garden is all set for a re-fresh too - join in and enjoy some of the benefits (the fish & chips lunches for our members will return again this year).

People should start to hear about the fourth jab shortly - most will be given in April - six months after the first booster. Some of our members have already been contacted - and have now had their 4th jab

We have some medical grade masks available too.They are Free for all of our members. Some other products - cleaning materials / toilet cleaner / surface cleaner etc - will also be available very soon too

There is always something being planned or run from our Community Hub. To help relieve loneliness and isolation we always have something going on.

There will hardly be a weekend in the Summer when we don't have something going on !

Come and join us - and don't be left out in the cold.

Come and volunteer with us - have a good time while helping the community out too. Help us bring our RHS Award-Winning Community Garden back up to scratch, after being neglected during the lockdowns and Covid-19

Take a pride in your neighbourhood - and bring this lovely garden back, so that the people can enjoy it to its full potential.

Get in touch - click the link below and we will send you more details. Lets all work at getting Holme Hall Unite's Community garden back to its RHS award winning standard yet again. So, please get in touch.