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   Holme Hall Unite Community Group

 Holme Hall Unite has been established for over six years now - helping to build a much stronger community for local people via our Community Hub, the community group and our Next Door message board.

There will be so much happening during this Platinum Jubilee Year that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


Ideas for how we can celebrate the Jubilee in a different way are coming along nicely. If you have any original thoughts or ideas for a unique kind of celebration then please get in touch with us.

Its an event the like of which most of us will never see again, so we really ought to make it very special and different. We think we have come up with the perfect solution - watch this space


Its not too late - its never too late - to get your jabs. Why continue to put yourself, and your family and friends at risk?

Those who continue to put others at risk are anti-social, and their selfishness is helping the virus to thrive. We could crush this virus much sooner if everyone got on board.

   We are based at our Community Hub, and host all kinds of meetings and events there.

If there are any other activities that you would like to see, then please get in touch with us, as we many be able to facilitate them for you.



 What we offer our community ...

Day Trips & Excursions

We have run day excursions - and often discounted - for several years now to a range of cities and coastal destinations.

Some recent trips have included the York Races

Some of our other excursions include - Yorkshire Dales / Liverpool / Lincoln / York / Newark / Whitby / Lichfield / Hull / Bridlington / Scarborough / Beamish and Blackpool etc, as well as many other places too.

Our Lunch Club

We have regular meals out - usually its a nice pub lunch with a friendly small group of people.

Come and join us for a lovely meal out with some very good company.
Social Events and Get Togethers

We've run everything at our Community Hub from coffee mornings to games afternoons right through to our Knit & Natter groups and Social afternoons.
Our Christmas events are well known for bringing the people together - from our Christmas Party to the support that we supply on Christmas Day for those who are lonely and isolated.


We've even recently started an outdoor gym - and we will be running health and fitness classes from the Autumn.
Fresh and Surplus Food Distribution

We receive surplus food from the major supermarkets and distribute this to the elderly and vulnerable in our area.

We received food offers from 2 different chains during the recent holiday period.

We also get fresh food donated from the local allotment group.

 We are involved in all aspects of our local community and offer advice and support, as well as training opportunities and health and well-being benefits

USA puts 8,500 troops 'on standby' over the Ukraine 'invasion'
There are also fears that our gas supplies could be interrupted if Russia does invade Ukraine, causing war in that part of the world.

Some 8,500 combat-ready US troops are on high alert to deploy at short notice amid rising tension over Ukraine, the Pentagon says. Russia continues to deny planning military action against Ukraine, despite massing 100,000 troops nearby. President Biden held a video call with European allies on Monday as Western powers aim for a common strategy against Russian aggression. The Pentagon said no decision had yet been made on whether to deploy troops.

Some rumours are circulating that the Chancellor (and the next Prime Minister?) Rishi Sunak will shortly announce a £500 per household bail-out to offset the growing energy bills.

Details are currently being finalised but the cash will be paid direct to energy firms NOT to the public (some already use the winter fuel allowance in the bookies if they get it in cash).

The money will have to have been spent on energy costs - estimated to rise this year by around £700 per household. More than 20 energy firms have gone bust already over the last few months unable to afford the increased wholesale prices. Their customers will be switched to other providers. Further increases are possible in October too. There are also fears that our gas supplies could also be hit - and disrupted - if Russia invades Ukraine, causing war in that part of the world.

There is further gloom for householders - British Telecom to increase bills by an inflation busting 9.3% rise in April - read more on this news here. But other prices are increasing too - now that inflation is on the rampage - at the fastest rate in 30 years, including the cost of Sunday lunch / skincare products / furniture / Used Cars. Read more on the BBC here

Latest UK Covid stats - Monday : new cases 88,447 .... 56 deaths .... new hospitalisations 1967 (on Jan 18th)

There was very good attendance at the Hub again last week - just right - not overly crowded so distancing was possible - but we still had a nice friendly atmosphere. The newcomers from last week also returned again as did some old faces from the past. (The grass always looks greener elsewhere doesn't it - but it never is !!!!)

As well as the usual sausage rolls, we decided that as its the depth of winter we would have some Christmas Pudding and Custard again too - to cheer people up - and to bring back the memories of our fabulous Christmas.

Some members did crochet (and others are keen to learn). One member is looking to start an Open University course (and we have assisted with the application). Others had called to collect LFT testing kits and / or masks. There is always something for everyone at the Hub (and if not, we can always look at putting it on if it interests you).

Don't forget that we also have a book and DVD swap library too - with dozens of new titles added quite recently. Its yet another fantastic service for Holme Hall Unite members - pop along to the Hub and see whats on offer for our members this week.

There is no doubt that this must be the warmest and friendliest group around - with all ages present - all supporting and looking out for each other. Many of our group also suffer from isolation and loneliness, so there is always a warm welcome and a friendly smile. Did we mention that its all FREE too? You won't find that anywhere else !!!

Report Due : the Prime Minister is facing his toughest week yet
No. 10 "very nervous" ... report due out this week? ... has Sue Gray found a concerning email?
Downing Street police officers give 'extremely damning' evidence to Sue Gray

Wales' first minister accuses the UK government of "abandoning the science" as he defends his more cautious lifting of restrictions. Mark Drakeford, the Welsh Labour leader, says UK ministers are using Covid announcements "to distract people's attention from the awful mess" in Westminster

The Royal College of Nursing's chief executive has hit back at the PM, saying the decision may have "relieved pressure from his own backbenchers" but it will not "relieve the pressure on the NHS".

Pat Cullen said: "We can't rely on the vaccine alone when the situation is still so precariously balanced. "Time will tell whether dropping other measures when the pressure on health and social care services remains unrelenting was wise.

"Ministers should adopt a cautious approach. The government will regret sending the wrong signal to the public for political expediency. "With so many of the COVID-19 patients still in hospital, it would be very premature to conclude this wave is over. That is not what our members are telling us."

The fact is that he's been a 'lame duck' since last Christmas - when he dare not try to introduce any further safety measures - despite calls from the scientists - for fear of upsetting his own MPs.

As a result cases shot up to over 200,000 a day as people were abandoned to their own fate. This 'smoke and mirrors' PM has finally run out of luck. People are finally wising-up to the folly of his Brexit plan as prices rocket everywhere and shortages become the norm. His Northern Ireland plan - a 'border down the Irish Sea' - is in tatters too. People have finally woken up to all this nonsense - his future now looks very bleak.

There will be so much for our members to enjoy during 2022

It was a very busy week last week - after the end of the holidays - so we were looking forward to a restful weekend - but it was not to be ! It is back to the business again this week - with almost all of the organisations that we are involved with holding their first meetings of 2022.

The outline plans for many of our Spring and Summer events are now almost complete. We are really hoping for some good weather too, as many of the activities will be held outdoors (in this Jubilee year).

We had another very enjoyable day at the Community Hub - with several new people making contact with us and wanting to start off the New Year afresh by joining us. We'll be sending out the details of Brew Monday to our members separately.

Apart from the activities in the Main Room, some of the women held a make-over in an adjoining room and visitors included Chesterfield College who signed-up more people for our health and wellbeing classes. The schedule for the year ahead has now been finalised with some classes taking place locally (using our outdoor gym and the grassy area beyond) while others will continue to use the College's Gym (especially while the weather remains quite poor). Oh .... the Chocolate Cake went down very well too !

It was also very pleasing to see some new faces come and visit us at the Hub last week too.

The NHS to visit the Hub shortly? - a date is currently under discussion.

We've done our annual post-Christmas supermarket clear-out, for distribution to our members, and this year we had even more sources than usual. It was not just food that we distributed free to members either - but also some toiletries, pet food / supplies etc Thanks yet again to our team of volunteers for helping transport the goods etc back to the Hub.

The Free Computer Tablets promotion may be back with us again very soon for the third year running. This helps to keep our community connected, and also helps relieve the loneliness and isolation that the pandemic has brought. Good to see some new faces coming along too. One of the people at the Hub last week has suggested a weekend break together - maybe for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June - we are not so sure about that ! It takes us long enough for us all to agree on the day trips destinations ! We have another visit to Cornwall - Eden Project planned.

Well, over three weeks has now elapsed since Christmas - where has the time gone? Call or email us if you need any help or support, and by following the rules and also keeping ourselves safe, we will all get through this - no matter what others may do. Many of them may not be around anymore when the good times do return again. But we will be. Its going to be yet another great year for us!

"Thank you for today, we had a lovely time. Full of laughter and companionship"

While others talk endlessly about what they will do (if pigs ever fly!) Holme Hall Unite got on with it and delivered yet again. (We were even able to supply members with lateral flow testing kits long after supplies had run out at the usual outlets). We now have more supplies available - so contact us and we can arrange for you to collect from the Hub at your convenience. And as always, everything was provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Its quite clear that Holme Hall Unite offers its members SO MUCH - far more than any other group. You should join in before its too late, as the capacity (at our Hub) can only accomodate a certain number of people. Our Lunch Club is a little more flexible as we use outside venues, so capacity is not so much of an issue. There are special interest groups as well as more general meet-ups, and as soon as the Spring arrives our day trips will be launched again for this year. Don't be isolated and on your own - when there is such a lot that you can take part in and enjoy.

We held our annual Christmas Party recently - it was brought forward by a week so as to beat any new restictions. Thanks to everyone who came at such short notice. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves (while they were tucking into sausage rolls, pork pie, sandwiches, mince pies and chocolate biscuits).

We even had a couple of our regulars who could not attend (mainly due to health issues which make either travelling or mixing unwise) "phone in" to wish everyone the seasons greetings. Its great that we have again been able to support our friends, members and regular visitors - just as we will continue to do as we enter 2022. Will you be joining us this year? - and reaping all the benefits? - or will you be left out - and on your own - yet again?

Altogether its been a very busy period at the Hub recently with lots of visitors, including the Citizens Advice Bureau, plus also someone representing a major supermarket chain. There were also lots of other goodies on offer again too. We were also thanked by Derbyshire Police for our decision to bring our celebrations forward to beat any further restrictions.

No matter what obstacles may be thrown at us during the coming months we are determined to ensure that all of our members have a very good time

Just take a look at what we've done in the past for Christmas - click here to read more
As the link takes you to an old disused website you will have to click the Back Button to return here

Welcome to our website. This website gives an over-view of the community work that we do - but it is far from exhaustive, so please don't hesitate to contact us for any further help or information. You can email us here. As well as running the Community group, we also manage the Community Hub, a garden and a new outdoor gym. We are also looking at some plans to start a community orchard too

Our Next Door message board (which we pioneered five years ago) now reaches over 5000 people locally with more than 1275 on our estate alone - and is now used by 27% of all local households to keep in touch. Being able to keep in contact with their family, friends and neighbours is vital for the isolated and vulnerable.

Our Community group was established in 2015, and within 10 weeks of constitution the group had planted 16,000 daffodils all around the estate. Our garden was added in 2017 before our Community Hub opened in the Spring of 2018. In that same year our Chair was named as the Estate Champion. We have won many Awards - including three consecutive RHS Awards for our garden. In the following year we were selected as the runners-up in the Organisation Of The Year category at the Voluntary Sector Awards too.

We even managed to keep the Hub open for most of the recent lockdown with surplus food deliveries and prescription collections etc - unlike many groups which closed (some of which may never re-open. We've also run a full schedule of day trips for our members during the year too. Everywhere else will either cost you more - or offers you much less - than we do. Don't hesitate to get in contact if you need any further information, simply click here.

If you have been a careful saver - with the Credit Union for example - then the impact of recent changes (energy price hikes / National Insurance increases etc) won't be as severe. If you do need help - please refer to the Health and Well-being booklet which has been distributed widely - or contact us to collect a copy from the Hub. The grass ISN'T any greener elsewhere - although some people may try to tell you that it is.


Other developments mainly concentrate on our planned garden re-vamp. Lots of exciting new ideas will be unveiled very shortly. The decline - caused initially by a vandal (who disheartened some volunteers) - and latterly extended by the pandemic and lockdowns etc - will be swept away quite soon. With fresh planting - including some small trees and shrubs, as well as lots of Spring bulbs etc - the garden will be refreshed for next season (and winning some Major Awards Again very soon).

We'd like to thank the many people who have stopped and thanked us for the work that is taking place - especially the new outdoor gym - over 50 people have signed up for info on the new classes there.

We work closely with other organisations - from the local and County Councils, to the NHS Public Health body. We were particularly busy during the recent pandemic - delivering hundreds of food parcels to the vulnerable, (read more on the Derbyshire County Council website - click here - and collecting prescriptions etc. We even distributed FREE computer tablets so the housebound could keep in contact with their friends and family.

We also host a Credit Union to encourage saving and financial management. Big changes will be coming to many households with some higher costs (average energy price hike of £139) plus the end of furlough - and the removal of the temporary £20 per week uplift for those who are on Universal Credit. Contact us for a factsheet - and see what help might be available before you find yourself in trouble.

Other people have moved into employment - and / or started a college course - after support and encouragement from the team at the Hub. We are yet again helping to fill the digital divide by offering FREE training courses for those not confident with their digital skills. In the past we have even given away FREE COMPUTER TABLETS. Get in touch for further information.

We have other training courses - from basic computer groups to full educational qualifications (in association with other establishments). We are also supportive of people who are homeless and those with alcohol and substance abuse issues, and can point them in the direction of help, as well as giving support locally too. We once managed to completely kit-out a flat for a homeless man within two weeks!

There is no doubt that there is far more than we could do, but like other groups we need some extra Volunteers to bring their skills along to enhance our future offering. If you can help, even for just a couple of hours, then please get in touch with us asap.

Why be on your own, when there is such a friendly group that offers you so much? - the majority being FREE?       Come and join us before its too late.

 For All The Latest News ...

Simply Sign-Up to our mailing list - click the email link at the bottom of the page - put Mailing List in subject.

We have LOTS of major new plans for 2022, so we are really looking forward to this coming year.

We had something on every day in the run-up to Christmas & the New Year.

Dates - now well into the Summer months - are being booked-up already. It really will be a Summer to remember for all of our members - with top venues and top destinations on the cards.

Our first awayday of this year - its with another organisation - is already booked.

How do we see the Prime Minister's current difficulties panning out?

Sue Gray's report is to be published on Thursday this week, and then a stampede of MPs requests to the 1922 Committee seeking an election for a fresh leader?

That would allow a new leader to be in place for March - all ready for the local elections in May.

So Meat Loaf becomes the latest anti-vaxxer to die of Covid. There soon won't be any left !

Can anyone even remember the name of the Tory MP who defected this week? We thought not !!

Did our government 'get it right?' - or did every other government in the world?

The UK has now passed the 150,000 deaths toll landmark in the pandemic

We had hoped to have full details of the plans for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by now but some of the details - like the tree planting in the town centre - are still not finalised yet. More info sent asap.

The community garden is all set for a re-fresh too - join in and enjoy some of the benefits (the fish & chips lunches will return again this year).

We again have supplies of Lateral Flow Testing Kits in stock for our members. Supplies are very limited - so get in touch for more details.

We also have some medical grade masks available too. Free for our members.

The Hub has been thoroughly cleaned again recently with all surfaces, all door handles, chairs and the handrails wiped clean with disinfectant spray etc.

Most of our events are during the day so it was great to have a good night out.

A further night out took place recently, which included a meal and also some entertainment.During the winter months we will have more cinema and theatre visits - subject to current legislation

We are pleased that we managed to complete so much of our schedule

By bringing events forward - and beating the huge increase in infections - we also managed to do almost all we planned.

Its been yet another fabulous week !

The holiday break has been absolutely fantastic - a very rewarding period - and full of laughter and joy.

If the rest of this year is half as much fun - or half so enjoyable as in recent weeks - it will be a memorable time indeed.

There is always something being planned or run from our Community Hub. To help relieve loneliness and isolation we always have something going on.

Come and volunteer with us - have a good time while helping the community out too. Help us bring our RHS Award-Winning Community Garden back up to scratch, after being neglected during the lockdowns and Covid-19 !

Take a pride in your neighbourhood - and bring this lovely garden back, so that people can enjoy it to its full potential.

Get in touch - click the link below and we will send you more details. Lets all work at getting Holme Hall Unite's Community garden back to its RHS award winning standard yet again. So, please get in touch.